How to live forever

You can extend your life indefinitely. You just have to know how!

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 Infinity News is a annual newsletter you’ll receive for a year that is an ongoing education in health and motivation. It updates anything that is vital to your improvement.  For the investment of a lifetime you’ll learn from this newsletter:

 ·       Any information that will benefit you in understanding and achieving longevity.

·      Mind and body techniques to propel you forward and not leave you trapped by the body so it becomes sluggish and rigid.

·      To avoid the feeling pulling yourself up by your toes with your hands and getting nowhere.  How to change your self from inside.

·       How to maintain a healthy lifestyle program through practical proven tips and techniques

·       Motivation techniques for change to the better.

·       Successful exercise and diet techniques that work with the mind and intellect in extending your life.


 You still need even more  .  .  .


You have always known your life is in your hands


As part of the package you will have a one year password protected entry to the Infinity Discussion Board on the internet. Why a discussion board? As I mentioned before, people believe in either idealism or materialism, but there is a third option which operates at the subtle end of the universe. Understanding these concepts with some mathematical understanding of properties and their relationships will give you an understanding of the universe and your behaviour. How long will it take for each person I don't know? Psychological studies show that we absorb new ideas through a five stage process: from rejection to curiosity, to maybe it is possible, to it is probable, to final acceptance. Because we all come from different backgrounds we all learn at different rates. It is a process of becoming a high-intelligent being, and we all have that opportunity to do it. So that's why we need a discussion board, so we can help each other. It will help if any questions arise from all the material you digest. Everyone contributes so you learn from one another. You have different backgrounds, so the information I’ve supplied to you will be clear to some and not so clear to others. That’s where the Discussion Board will help all of you to travel the same path by sharing your experiences. You learn from everyone's successes as well as failures, so you receive guidance at what to do and not do so as to not waste your time going the wrong way.  You will benefit from:

¨    Communicating with people who have the same interests as you.

¨    Sharing your experiences will help one another achieve longevity.

¨    Sharing experiences and interpretations will help clarify ideas because of the varying backgrounds we come from.

¨    Having access to a health network of people with whom you can share ideas that will work for you.

¨    Knowing how some doctors may be dangerous to your health.  By networking through Infinity Discussion Board and the Newsletter you are in contact to a vast source of information. You can help one another by selecting better health professionals - let’s face it, some health professionals do a better job than others.

¨    Knowing when you don’t understand anything in the written material sent to you, you can ask for clarification from anyone on the Discussion Board.

¨    Sharing ideas will increase your confidence with achieving your life’s desires.

¨    Not having support from people around you who don’t share your ideas, which could prove difficult for you. By being in contact with the discussion board to help keep you on the path

¨    From other's experiences and the advice that they have received and how they handled it - it’s like getting a free consultation.


Sharing ideas can be old or new.  What is important is that they work!

 The Discussion Board has everything you’ll need to help you achieve the best of health and the best of life.


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