How to live forever

You can extend your life indefinitely. You just have to know how!

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  Well you may ask what’s in it for you?

You will have the opportunity to understand how to achieve living forever. Even if you don’t want to live forever at least you will have the choice to do it. Understanding the creation of the universe and human behaviour will enable you to successfully work in all areas of your life. Not only will you have the advantage of the first one to know, but also of teaching others and make a living from it. No need for super-human brains because we all have the capacity to improve and become a high intelligent being - our design guarantees it.


You’ll understand why people are the way they are


Why do people kill each other? Is it necessary? Why do we behave the way we do? And why do others behave differently? Why does it feel we have no control over our lives? What is the real difference between animals and humans? You will understand the real secrets of the universe by discovering the answer to these questions:

 v      How does the universe create and dissolve?

v      Why do earthquakes happen and stars explode?

v      Why does life exist and what is it that makes you live?

v      What is the common connection of all life?

v      What behaviour distinguishes humans from animals?

v      What’s this talk about ethics, is it relevant to life?

v      Are scientists, kings and queens, leaders of organisations and nations people to follow or to avoid?

v      Are drug based health systems good for society?

v      Why thoughts that have never ending cycles drives us nuts?

o        Is this where Karma comes from?

v      Do we need to::

o        Create hierarchies?

o        Create material objects and worship them as sacred and destroy life?

o        Create class structures?

o        Become materialistic or idealistic?

v      Is law enforcement helping us?

v      Are the universal laws consistent for everyone?


When you have knowledge, you have empowerment! You're the only person that can guarantee an extended life.

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As you get older is life becoming easier and more effortlessly to live?


Have you wondered why people keep training and training and don’t look younger and healthier as they get older?  To achieve that healthier and younger look it requires a sturdy foundation of healthy beliefs. It needs practices that require little time and effort, and can sustain the most gruelling challenges life has to offer. Discover the secret of an effortless lifestyle by understanding:

 Þ   A health system that always works and a lifestyle that is rejuvenating and regenerating?

Þ  The habits you should dump right away by understanding habits that destroy and ones that don’t .

Þ  How to avoid getting diseases like osteoporosis, cancers, AIDS, arthritis and many other debilitating and possible terminal diseases as you get older and always give you the best chance to overcome any serious illnesses.

Þ  Understand right and wrong health methods. Develop an understanding what is good for your health and not be confused by these so-called experts on health. Learn how to assess health advice that benefits you.

Þ  Work our for yourself what perfect health is.

Þ  Learn what exercise is good for you.

Þ  Learn the health lifestyle for improving your life and longevity.

Þ Learn how to make life effortless to live.

Þ Learn what diet is good for you?

Þ Learn why some foods can kill you and others make you healthy.

Þ Learn how to overcome overweight and lack of energy.

Þ  Learn to avoid a rigid, dying body and develop an agile, living body.


You have the capacity to promote your longevity more than your doctor does. This is not a quick fix where benefits are short term. When done properly, the benefits you develop from a well-maintained program are youthful looks, improved appearance and attractiveness, and health and vitality well into your 70s, 80s, 90s, 100s, 1,000s  . . . as long as you want.


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